Patient Group Directions (PGDs) Online Learning

Intended for qualified health professionals defined in legislation who may supply or administer medicines under a PGD


The learning outcomes are:

  • Identify the legal requirements for developing and using PGDs
  • State when you may and may not use PGDs
  • Explain your responsibilities when using PGDs
  • Describe how you can develop new PGDs


The learning covers:

  • PGDs
  • PSDs
  • Protocols
  • Written instructions
  • What a PGD document needs to contain
  • How to develop a PGD and who needs to be involved
  • Qualified professionals in legislation who can use PGDs
  • Accountability, record keeping, training and audit of PGDs
  • Medicines that can and cannot be supplied or administered under a PGD
  • Requirements for POM, P and GSL medicines, black triangle drugs, medicines used outside of the product licence, antibiotics, controlled drugs
  • Further information to learn about PGDs

There is a short self-assessment at the end of the e-Learning package


Any questions related to the content should be addressed to Chris Galloway, Assistant Chief Pharmacist ( or Anne Melrose, Senior Clinical Pharmacist and PGD lead (


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